• The value of the information

    is in its application as knowledge.

    In e-Discovery, information is only valuable if it’s reliable and on-point to your specific business legal needs. Anything less, and it’s simply clutter.

    At ProSearch, the value of our work is measured not in the amount of data we deliver, but in the ways we help clients manage and solve their e-Discovery issues. Working closely with our clients, we develop customized approaches to information processing and review that ensure documents are strategically relevant to meeting their business and legal needs.

  • E-Discovery is more than getting

    information. It’s about getting results.

    Anyone can provide data. Helping you get the most out of it—that’s a different story. At ProSearch, solving clients’ business litigation challenges is more than simply providing data. It’s anticipating business and legal challenges with forward-thinking collaboration that helps clients manage e-Discovery with the most efficient, timely, cost-effective and proactive methods. Don’t just get the information you need. Get the results you seek.

  • Out-of-the-box thinking demands

    out-of-the-box relationships.

    Working with ProSearch is not like working with any other ESI processing firm. For starters, we work primarily with corporate clients—either directly or on behalf of the law firms they hire. And we work as strategic partners with in-house counsel, not as vendors. Because vendors do not solve problems. Partners do. Working outside the parameters of a specific job, we invest time and energy into developing unique solutions to your business litigation challenges. Are you an in-house counsel ready to work outside the box of typical e-Discovery provider services? Let’s work together to get results.

Challenged by a software developer to produce two million pages in six hours–including identifying the document set, applying selective branding and creating media–we got it done with time to spare.
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