Case Studies

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We love doing the impossible for our clients.

Solving problems for clients is our passion—especially ones that other firms say can’t be solved. Please explore the case studies below to find out how we handled our clients’ challenges and helped them achieve results.

Electronics Manufacturer

800 gigabytes processed
260 search strings with 54% hit rate
8 gigabyte reduced review set

For an electronics manufacturer presenting us with 260 search strings, reducing the result set through term modification seemed impractical. Working closely with our client’s counsel, we used an iterative approach to refine the terms. We presented sample results to counsel, revised terms on-the-fly, ran new terms, sampled, revised and re-ran terms. The sample sets from the iterative refinement process provided counsel with a document set to review and validate their search term decisions. Working together in real-time allowed us to quickly refine the search terms and immediately begin processing data for review.

Software Developer

2 million pages processed
6 hours
1 tight deadline met

Hoping to avoid costs, pushing productions to the very last minute is a calculated risk, especially when you are forced to produce a high volume in a very tight time window. We were presented with a challenge by a major software developer to produce two million pages—including identifying the document set, applying selective branding and creating media—in 6 hours. We knew exactly what it would take to get the job done and we did it, with time to spare.

Energy Producer

5 files processed
30 minutes
1 solution

An energy company was struggling to get files processed from a ship-to-shore messaging system. Referred to us by a litigation consulting firm, the energy company asked us to see if we could extract anything from these files. They sent five samples. We identified the source code, extracted full text and several metadata files, and generated TIFF files in 30 minutes. Our project manager immediately received a call from the assistant general counsel. Their question: How did ProSearch process in 30 minutes what three major eDiscovery firms could not process over the course of weeks? Fundamental ESI knowledge meets intellectual curiosity.

Web Services Provider

1 David
1 Goliath
1 Big production

For a web services provider facing litigation from a major player in the industry, a traditional document review could have broken the company. Yet, a quick turnaround was essential. Our client wasn’t going to get pushed around by the industry giant. Their legal team and our ProSearchers dug their heels in. Layering multiple technologies and advanced analytics enabled their lawyers to quickly and easily identify relevant documents. Further use of analytics, smart review and a juxtaposition of technologies provided the assurance that privilege documents were identified prior to production. After two weeks, the team had successfully navigated over 800K of records and confidentially produced almost half.