Our Solutions

We don’t know the meaning of the word “can’t.”

Too many e-Discovery firms tell you what they can’t do. In our view, that’s unacceptable. Because if you’re not solving the problem, you’re part of it.

ProSearch isn’t just about processing data faster, cheaper and better than anyone else. We solve clients’ business litigation challenges and find ways to do the things that other firms say can’t be done. Our “solution engineers” work with the entire project team—in-house counsel, outside counsel, and consultants—to design and implement a workflow and technical solution that best processes your information and meets your case-specific needs.

We’re obsessed with the quality, quantity and value of the work done by—and for—our clients. So we constantly push the envelope and search for answers to your business and legal issues. Which means we won’t ever take “no” for an answer.

What we do very well

Engineer Solutions

Our team is in the business of problem solving, viewing each case strategically to help you identify objectives and appropriate resources for a resolution that puts you in control.


ESI Processing

Our solutions are built on a strong ESI processing foundation. We provide high-volume, high-quality and high-speed processing—quickly making data available for comprehensive case assessment, research analytics and review.


Tiff Conversion

ProSearch uses multiple tiff conversion technologies to maximize image quality while automating the conversion process.


Production Capacity

We have the largest installation of IPRO eCapture on the West Coast, with a processing farm that exceeds 1,000 servers. This capacity enables us to effortlessly, consistently and accurately generate one million-plus-page productions within 24-hour cycles.


Search Term Refinement

We work closely with you to evaluate, define and refine your search terms by running them against your data. It provides the best test of your terms.


Data Screening

Our data screening helps you identify the chaff from the grain. Privileged and personal screens identify sensitive information for review. Bulk and broadcast screens identify bulk “junk” email for potential exclusion.


Smart Batching

We enable intelligent review decision-making through smart review batching—organizing documents to support smart review assignments, maximize speed and increase consistency.


Expert Training and Support

Our goal is to help your team attain operational expertise. So we provide dedicated hosting and a dedicated team for every client. They help you understand and leverage our technology so you can maximize efficiency and lower costs.



We offer alternative fee arrangements and packaging structures to provide clients greater control and predictability over costs.

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