We stay on the bleeding edge of technology to keep our clients on the cutting edge.

We’re always raising the bar when it comes to delivering processing muscle and developing new tools to address a wide array of situations and challenges. Building our solutions on top of best-of-breed technologies, ProSearch diligently pursues optimum operations through:

  • Continual research into existing tools and technology to ensure a growing and evolving solutions toolkit.
  • Re-imagining problems to focus our development efforts on the 20% of the problem that is unique to you. It’s an approach that allows the other 80% to be solved through best-of-breed tools.
  • A diverse cross-functional team of professionals to keep solutions practical and functional in the real world.

We partner with only the best solutions providers so that we stay on the leading edge of technology advances. And our clients are right there with us.

Relativity is a complete review solution with the power to handle the largest and most complex electronic discovery projects. Its ease-of-use lets users focus on documents, rather than on technology. As a feature-rich online review platform, Relativity provides image and native file review, powerful searching, diverse coding options, flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions, Unicode and foreign language support, and concept searching-all delivered in a highly-scalable, enterprise-grade e-discovery solution.

Equivio is a software company dedicated to the problem of managing data redundancy. Equivio’s product suite includes tools that group near-duplicates, reconstruct email threads, determine document relevance and discover differences between documents.

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IPRO eCapture is powerful, innovative e-discovery software designed to handle large projects with speed and scalability. The system is designed around a distributed, multi-threaded, and centralized management concept.

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Content Analyst Company is a leading developer of advanced analytics for searching and analyzing unstructured text- such as documents, emails, and publications. Content Analyst’s unique patented software provides advanced Conceptual Search based on Latent Semantic Indexing- a mathematical technique that enables CAAT, Content Analyst Company’s search platform, to acquire all its search intelligence from the actual documents being indexed.

Watson Explorer is a discovery platform powered by an advanced natural language processing pipeline.  It provides entity extraction, sentiment analysis, feature correlation and allows for purpose-built custom annotators.  Your team can quickly discover terms of interest, and, supported by our Ph.D. level linguists, create powerful language taxonomies and reusable data assets.